dimanche 15 juillet 2012

What's wrong?

One of the most challenging situations when living with autism is when our son gets sick. Whenever this happens, it becomes a guessing game with us because, in no way, he is able to let us know wexactly what is going on.

For instance, a couple of weeks back, our son had that problem with the popcorn. We had to go by process of elimination to find out exactly what caused the problem. The same thing happened when he had an allergic reaction to milk.

Today was no different. Before we went to Church, our son was lying around everywhere. We asked him if he was feeling sick and he kept telling us that No he is fine. So we went to Church and he decided  to lie down on one of the sofas.

Our babysitter in Bouctouche, informed us that there was a couple of kids who caught a fever on thursday. That would explain it. Later on our son was boiling hot, so we left before the end of the service. We gave him some tylenol and now he seems to be doing fine.

Having to find out was is wrong with him, everytime he was sick, is quite the event and it is always nerveracking.

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