jeudi 5 juillet 2012

My Point of View

Today, my boss sent me a video that got over 39 million hits on youtube. It consist of a reporter being at a fair somewhere and she trying to interview a boy who's make-up is made up to look like a zombie. Here is the video in question:

They put in the description that it is a news report blooper. The comments that I see are mainly about how the education system in the US is failing, jokes about turtles, etc..

Here is what I see, I see an autistic (Asperger) response to an unknown (unfamiliar) situation. In most cases, when an autistic kid doesn't know how to react or respond to an unknown situation or faced with a question to which they don't know the answer to, they will quote a line from either a movie or something they like or a phrase that brings them comfort.

In the case of my son, is favorite line is "whacha doing guys, wait wait wait" or some lines from his favorite movies. That is what I see now when I see those kind of videos. Maybe that kid is autistic and he didn't know how to react to the question.

Of course, on the first view I laughed but immediately after, I started thinking about why did the kid react this way.

Sorry to all I might've killed their funbuzz here, but that is a reality of what some of our youth is about these days.

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  1. What movie is your son's catchphrase from?

    Yeah, it could be a case of "Kids say the darnedest things", or it could be an Asperger response. We don't know the kid, so who knows.

    I don't think the reporter reacted too badly to it, and it IS a blooper in that a reporter doesn't get the answer she's looking for, and it IS funny, in the mildest sense of the word. Let's call it "amusing". I'm not sure that's the same as laughing at autistic people with malice. I think it's ok to be amused at the situation without it meaning we feel no empathy for the condition. I don't want to compare people to animals, but you'd laugh if your dog did something silly because he's a dog and has doggie reactions. It's no hating on dogs. Awkward comparison, I know, but there's a way to laugh WITH an autistic person and not AT an autistic person. Or in this case, laugh with the kid and laugh at the reporter ;).

    1. I'm not saying it's bad to laugh. Cause I laughed as well the first time I saw it. I mean Sam does stuff sometimes that makes us laugh as well.

      It could also be the kind of I did not hear the question at all cause I wasnt paying any attention.

      I just wanted to point out what goes on in my head when I see these kind of videos now.

      My kid's line is from the show arthur.

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