samedi 7 juillet 2012

Art by Patrick on Facebook

I just realised that I really didn't take any time to explain what I am doing on Facebook right now. I have a page on there called Art by Patrick. On this page I share a lot of information on autism and I also try to sell my art to give all the profits to the autism society of Canada.

The page is slowly growing,but the people, who already are subscribed to the page, keep coming back to read the updates and view the links that I post on there. It would be nice to see the page go viral and get more awareness out there.

Since I started, I received two orders and I am currently working on the first one. The member wants me to reproduce this:

This looks easy to do at first, but it really isn't. Reproducing someones art is quite challenging. At first I started drawing the scketch:

Then when the sketch was drawn I proceeded to adding color:

That was one hour in. I left it at that and started working on it again the next day for one hour:

I hope that it will be looking great once I am done with it. The most important thing is that I hope my customer will like it.

I hope that this project goes well and that God blesses this project as well. I really would like to see this become a great way to bring autism awareness to people.

God bless you all!

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