mercredi 4 juillet 2012

Accomplissements en vacances

Ok, so I decided to write this post in english so that my english friends can share this story as well.

My family and I went on vacation last week on P.E.I. and man did we have a great time. Not only that, but God also blessed us with a couple of accomplishments along the way.

Our son, who's autistic, has a problem with food texture. Which prevents us from trying a whole lot of things to eat with him. He also has a problem with lactose. We discovered that when our son ate microwaved popcorn. It gave him cramps and was crying as if someone was dismembering him on the toilet. So when we isolated the food that created that, we pulled it off the "what he can eat" list. But then, in the cottage that we rented, our son wanted to try a grape, which, in the previous years, he would've spit out and say "yuk".

Well this time he tried it and he loved it. Allelujah!! Our son loves grapes, this is AMAZING!!

I don't think that I will ever be able to explain how much joy this brings to us. Even you, as a reader, can't probably grasp the importance of this event. But it is such a blessing. Our spectrum of foods he can eat got slightly bigger.

Last Monday, we went at the zoo. Every year we go to the zoo almost 3 or 4 times. I'm beginning to know the lions on a first name basis. Every year we tried to get our son to do things that all the other kids do. As simple as feeding the animals or riding the pony. Well this year was the year! Our son fed the animals without any screams or nothing AND he rode the pony. The other parents might have thought that we were crazy parents because my wife and me we're both teary eyed and so proud of the little guy.

Everyday, week or month, our son brings us miracles at home. For those of you who don't believe in miracles, come spend a week with us, I'll show you 10 new ones every week.

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