mardi 22 février 2011

This one's for the children

Okay, so I've been praying and meddling with this project for a long time. I finally have the time to take care of it so I'm launching myself into it.

I've created an online store on which I am selling all of my art production, well at least what I still have because this represents only a third of all the stuff that I produced.

The site is located here: . ALL of the profits will be given to the Autism Society of Canada. It is kind of my way of saying a Big thanks to them with what they are doing to help my son. Please take the time to have a look at it, talk about it to your friends and perhaps buy something.


mardi 8 février 2011

Halftime Flop

Allright, 2 days after the superbowl. My digestive system is finally starting to get back to normal, the tiredness is going away but my bitterness towards the halftime show still lingers on.

It might be just me, but I thought that the halftime show really sucked. First of all, the black eyed peas, or as I like to call them: the bozoes. First their entrance from the roof was kinda cheesy and their glowing suits oh sooo: THEY CAME FROM THE FUTURE.

What about the sound, some people say that the equalizers were really bad, I say, we got to hear what they REALLY sound like, and that is awful. I got a feeling was played over and over and lets get it started was a very bad choice of a song where we were already at halftime, so you can really start something that was already started 45 minutes ago.

And then there was Slash, from GnR, sweet child of mine. WHY? WHY?? Why did the black eyed douches had to go and destroy that song of my childhood for me. Seeing Fergie rub herself on Slash during the performance like  DOG ACHING FOR A BONE. really made me hate them more.

Fortunately, for the sake of the fans and the people attending, Usher came in to do one song, ONE SONG OMG, He saved the show, his performance was good but Will I Am if youre not the lead in the song, get out of the way.

And then they sang where is the love. Where was it? Cause all i could read on the stage lights was LOI E. It must have come from the same manufacturing company who took care of the olympic torch hydraulics in vancouver.

Maybe it is me getting older, maybe it is the fact that the black eyed peas are basically writing three whole lines and repeating it over and over and over again while putting some beats on it or maybe it was just plain sucky.

But I got a feeling, that their career is soon going to be over, career is soon going to be over, career is soon going to be o-o-veeeer...