lundi 31 janvier 2011

Road Rager

So, on my way back from work, I was driving my usual 115 km/h from bouctouche to Moncton. The day went well, had lots to do at work so was kind of enjoying my drive back home.

When, from out of nowhere, came this dark red pick-up with a hatch over the trunk at first he was small in my rearview mirror but soon enough I was able to tall you what he ate for lunch. He passed me,  then on that bouctouche to cocagne stretch, he tried passing the guy in front of me. He did, but he also put himself in a full fontal collision position with the other car which was almost 3 km away.

The incoming car was honking and flashing his lights, but the pick-up did not budge and he pursued with his passing, he succeeded but when he met the incoming car he merged brutly towards that car to scare him off the road.

"Ok, something is definitely wrong with this lunatic"

He went on and sped up, I passed the guy in front of me just to keep an eye on that rager. Once again, he strikes and almost kills three people in the same situation. I slow down, but I still see him in my sight. Come Shediac 4 lanes, I see a mitsubishi pass him, I'm surprised but then P-U speeds up Passes that same Mitsubishi and cuts him off right before the moncton exit.

The mitsubishi slows down to 130 km/h, I know cause i'm trying to catch up to pick-up and see if I can get the license number. Unfortunately the back one is all slushied up so i try to pass the truck, on wheeler highway, a lot faster than Im supposed to go, I put myself in the left lane to begin to pass that crazy lunatic but, look at this. His Pick-up becomes a delorean and he speed up and goes away from passing distance, he must be at 160 km/h. To make sure that I do not try to pass him anymore, he flashes his headlights so that people put themselves on the right.

He finally takes the transcanadian highway towards fredericton to disappear in the evening.

A lot of thoughts came trhough my mind.
  1. road rager
  2. Child abducter that wants to leave asap
  3. Escaped prisonner
  4. Late for an afternoon delight (sorry i watched anchorman last night)
  5. bleeding profusely and going to the hospital
  6. escape car from bank heist
What ever he was, I am glad no-one got hurt

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