dimanche 16 janvier 2011

OK who's Buying it??

I've been browsing the channels for a little while now since I've been old enough to approach the tv and rotate the channel selector (Yes I'm that old). I've noticed that lately the american population is being taken for idiots with some infomercial trying to sell them stuff that they don't need.

Where to begin? So many things that are so obvious that it is marketers trying to make money off of the stupidity of people. But the most obvious one, is those collective coins, dollar bills with special imprinted stuff on them.

For example, I just saw a commercial where the consumer is asked to pay 10$ + tax for shipping and handling to receive 4$. What so special about those 4$, well, it's two 2$ imprinted, with color, to which we see a nice picture of colorado and some other state behind the face of the american 2$ historical character. You also received a certificate of authenticity certifying that these dollars are printed by the bank of america meaning that you can use them as currency.

I know what you are saying, whoa, colored american money!! I know, although very rare, is it worth spending over 20$ to receive a colored 4$. I could think of other things to do with that 20$ american dollars, for instance I would change it to canadian money which would allow me to get a whopping 21$ canadian. Awesome! 

But in the meantime, Just for the people that are interested, I do have an old 2$ canadian dollars, from 1974. It's a little bit used but it still in very good condition. I offering this 2$ in a small cardboard box which I got from buying a watch at zellers for 5.99$ I'm giving away the casing for free and i will provide you with a certificate certifying that this 2$ has been printed in Winnipeg by the Bank of Canada. Written by hand with an authentic Bic blue pen on a Hilroy lined paper, which will allow alignment a whole lot easier on your certificate.

All this for FREE, all you have to pay is the shipping and handling which is only 15.99$ + tax. But wait, that's not all, if you leave a comment within the first 5 commenters, I will include a personal letter explaining why you haven't received the 2$ and how I took advantage of your naïve personality and hope that you have learned a lesson throughout this process which would be in between a delay of 6 to 8 weeks.

Time to basically allow me to leave the country and start a new in the bahamas.

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