lundi 31 janvier 2011

Road Rager

So, on my way back from work, I was driving my usual 115 km/h from bouctouche to Moncton. The day went well, had lots to do at work so was kind of enjoying my drive back home.

When, from out of nowhere, came this dark red pick-up with a hatch over the trunk at first he was small in my rearview mirror but soon enough I was able to tall you what he ate for lunch. He passed me,  then on that bouctouche to cocagne stretch, he tried passing the guy in front of me. He did, but he also put himself in a full fontal collision position with the other car which was almost 3 km away.

The incoming car was honking and flashing his lights, but the pick-up did not budge and he pursued with his passing, he succeeded but when he met the incoming car he merged brutly towards that car to scare him off the road.

"Ok, something is definitely wrong with this lunatic"

He went on and sped up, I passed the guy in front of me just to keep an eye on that rager. Once again, he strikes and almost kills three people in the same situation. I slow down, but I still see him in my sight. Come Shediac 4 lanes, I see a mitsubishi pass him, I'm surprised but then P-U speeds up Passes that same Mitsubishi and cuts him off right before the moncton exit.

The mitsubishi slows down to 130 km/h, I know cause i'm trying to catch up to pick-up and see if I can get the license number. Unfortunately the back one is all slushied up so i try to pass the truck, on wheeler highway, a lot faster than Im supposed to go, I put myself in the left lane to begin to pass that crazy lunatic but, look at this. His Pick-up becomes a delorean and he speed up and goes away from passing distance, he must be at 160 km/h. To make sure that I do not try to pass him anymore, he flashes his headlights so that people put themselves on the right.

He finally takes the transcanadian highway towards fredericton to disappear in the evening.

A lot of thoughts came trhough my mind.
  1. road rager
  2. Child abducter that wants to leave asap
  3. Escaped prisonner
  4. Late for an afternoon delight (sorry i watched anchorman last night)
  5. bleeding profusely and going to the hospital
  6. escape car from bank heist
What ever he was, I am glad no-one got hurt

samedi 22 janvier 2011


Firstly, I would like to thank my friend troy for bringing this video to my attention. I must say, when I first saw this, it really hit home and I couldn't stop crying.

In a way, this, is what me and my wife live everyday with our son. Granted our son is not that far on the spectrum, but i can relate with the parents of Carly.

mercredi 19 janvier 2011

Do it to me one more time

Today I'm in my happy place. I brought the car almost 40 minutes prior to the appointment. It is now 9:22 am, my appointment was at 9:15, and I am glad to say that I still can see my car in the parking lot, right where I left it.

I thought to myself that bringing the car earlier would allow them to anticipate the actual bringing the car in for an OIL CHANGE, nothing more. It's a good thing that I did because this way I can get angrier a lot faster.
For a moment there, when it was earlier, I thought, maybe today it will be different, maybe today things will go smoothly, maybe today I will get the service that I finally deserve.

Maybe today, I should really look into getting a buyout from another dealership.

9:27am still no movement.

I really wish that they'd get a move on to the car because I have to pick my son up at his school later on today, I do not have access to the internet here. They have wireless network, I just can't log on to it.

Rallye Motors, we care...but not too much.

I am soo tired of this crap. Every single time that I am in here, they manage to piss me off. Pissing your customers off, especially after all those years of loyal paying for a crappy car, isn't the right way to create good customer relationships.

This pied costumer has a mouth, fingers and common sense, he will mention all of what is happening to him in this "dealership". There is a lot of bad water between the two parties.

9:35am Still nothing.
Ok this is getting ridiculous. The guys at the counter are taking about movies, not checking if all the cars that need to be attended too are being picked up.
For frig sakes, get it moving.

what is up peeps?
Serieusement la
Qu'est ce qui se passe?

Pas de bon sens, pas d'allure, pas d'idée comment la compagnie peut rester en business. J'ai vraiment de la misère à saisir comment ca se fait que je recois du ....... de même. (Désolé je ne peux tout simplement pas écrire le mot "service".)

Une autre chose que je ne peut pas saisir, c'est que moi et ma femme on accepte de se faire traiter de cette façon. On s'est fait fourvoyer à l'échange, qui aurait dû être un signal d'alarme pour nous, mais non on a décidé de continuer par acte de grâce.

Le gars est venu me voir pour me dire qu'ils sont en retard sur mon rendez-vous(REALLY????), et qu'ils vont la rentrer dans le garage dans les moments qui suivent.

9:51am FINALLY 35 minutes plus tard the cars goes in et j'ai la vue parfaite dessus.

Ok la ya une cliente qui me cach de la vue dès qu'elle s'enlève, je vais être en mesure de décrire l'action ou l'innaction autour du char.
Ok le char est still au niveau du sol, ils ne l'ont pas élevé encore. But le gars travaille autour actually, c'est de la jasette qu'on a autour du char.

le char est toujours pas dans les airs, COME ON, I got stuff to do and places to be.
10:06 car is going up.

Bon, la je suis tanné d'être ici, j'espère que çà prendra pas trop de temps.
10:12 car is down.
Bon on viens de me solicité, le garagiste même m'a approché en me disant que le engine filter doit être remplacer et il me l'a montré aussi. C'est drôle, la première fois qu'on m'avais dit qu'il fallait qu'on le change, j'ai dit plus tard, après jvoulais qu'on le check parce qu'on m'avais dit de le change et on m'a dit qu'il était correct et maintenant on le change.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa (ceux ci ne sont pas de bonheur mais bien de dérisions)

C'est ça qui arrive quand t'as trop de monde qui travaille dans ta compagnie, t'as du monde qui actually care pis les autres. Ceux qui care dans ce cas ici, sont dans le garage les autres poussent les crayons en arrière des comptoirs.
Anyway, le car devrait sortir bien vite. J'espère bien puisque j'ai plus d'une chose qui m'attend à la maison.

Ok, come and get me please, tell me that the car is all done ASAP please.
oh it might happen now.

si le rendez vous aurait été respecté je serais déjà à la maison depuis une bonne demi-heure.

Ok my car has to be out since they parked another car in the spot that I was.

Sooo, call me? Call me now? Call me please?

dimanche 16 janvier 2011

OK who's Buying it??

I've been browsing the channels for a little while now since I've been old enough to approach the tv and rotate the channel selector (Yes I'm that old). I've noticed that lately the american population is being taken for idiots with some infomercial trying to sell them stuff that they don't need.

Where to begin? So many things that are so obvious that it is marketers trying to make money off of the stupidity of people. But the most obvious one, is those collective coins, dollar bills with special imprinted stuff on them.

For example, I just saw a commercial where the consumer is asked to pay 10$ + tax for shipping and handling to receive 4$. What so special about those 4$, well, it's two 2$ imprinted, with color, to which we see a nice picture of colorado and some other state behind the face of the american 2$ historical character. You also received a certificate of authenticity certifying that these dollars are printed by the bank of america meaning that you can use them as currency.

I know what you are saying, whoa, colored american money!! I know, although very rare, is it worth spending over 20$ to receive a colored 4$. I could think of other things to do with that 20$ american dollars, for instance I would change it to canadian money which would allow me to get a whopping 21$ canadian. Awesome! 

But in the meantime, Just for the people that are interested, I do have an old 2$ canadian dollars, from 1974. It's a little bit used but it still in very good condition. I offering this 2$ in a small cardboard box which I got from buying a watch at zellers for 5.99$ I'm giving away the casing for free and i will provide you with a certificate certifying that this 2$ has been printed in Winnipeg by the Bank of Canada. Written by hand with an authentic Bic blue pen on a Hilroy lined paper, which will allow alignment a whole lot easier on your certificate.

All this for FREE, all you have to pay is the shipping and handling which is only 15.99$ + tax. But wait, that's not all, if you leave a comment within the first 5 commenters, I will include a personal letter explaining why you haven't received the 2$ and how I took advantage of your naïve personality and hope that you have learned a lesson throughout this process which would be in between a delay of 6 to 8 weeks.

Time to basically allow me to leave the country and start a new in the bahamas.