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LOOOOOOOOOONG blog = Rallye waiting time

Ok so here I am again, at Rallye Motors. I’m having the winter tires put on, the engine air filter replaced and an alignment of the tires. This should take a couple of hours, which gives me plenty of time to talk to you guys about anything.

First off, some people might say: “What’s going on? He’s at Rallye and he seems to be ok with it! What’s up?” Well, Christmas time is upon us and in these times I believe that it is important to forgive and forget.
I like the holiday season because everything seems to be more beautiful, more joyful and love is all around. Although, if you look at the news lately, not all people are feeling the love and peace of the holiday season.
Here is what I propose for those people:

  1. Find, in your group or association or members or brothers (depending on your location), a close friend.
  2. Extend your arms to the north and south in a horizontal opposite to each other matter.
  3. Get closer to your friend.
  4. Grab his back and start rubbing and say: “It’s ok, you’re a good dictator and/or brother of (insert regional god here) and/or  leader.
  5. Keep hugging until awkwardness gets in.
  6. Release and pretend it never happened.
  7. Get back to business....
Well, I guess there is no way out of this one. 

Car is in the garage at 9:45, the exact time that my appointment was scheduled for. See what happens when you forgive and calm down, you get good service. Appreciation, pass it on.

I’ve noticed lately that the people on the roads are getting anxious and in a hurry. That also goes with the holiday seasons. People want to be the first to get the Nick Jonas singing doll action figure or that game they saw on tv. People have to slow down.

Last night, I was driving down from Bouctouche and the snow was hailing all over. Of course, I didn’t have my winter tires since I am here today, well I had a driver follow me  so close that I could tell you what kind of mascara he was using.  Some drivers seem to have a problem with the understanding of weather and driving conditions that change throughout the year. 

Needless to say, I was driving at around 60 km/h because:
1-      My son was in the car with me and I value his life and safety 220 times more than mine.
2-      There was snow accumulation on the road.
3-      I could feel the car sway if my tires got into some of that accumulation.
4-      It was snowing like crazy, seriously, I couldn’t see that far.
5-      I was nervous because of all those conditions.

As some of you know, tomorrow is the Grey cup game and I am a very huge fan of the Montreal Alouettes and I must say that in the last seven years, the grey cup game has become a tradition. I’ve been to the game in Montreal when it was Calgary vs Winnipeg. Even though my team wasn’t there, I had a lot of fun. I invite anyone who likes football (looking at the NFL fans here) to look at the game because soon enough our town might have its very own CFL team. And when that happens, you can be sure that I will be at every local game. Rooting for (enter future team name here) except, of course, when the Alouettes would come to play.

I’m looking at this entry and wow I’m swerving from one topic to another, just like a car who doesn’t have the winter tires installed yet. It’s funny as I was typing this in, I looked at the TV they have in the waiting room and they showed an image of Montreal. It’s blowing snow down there at the moment and I can’t help but smirk because my parents, originally from there, are always teasing me saying that their weather is a lot better than ours. Well today, we have very mild and nice temperature.  Haha the snow is on you.

Wow! what a totally useless paragraph that last one was. Let’s see if this one is better.  Let’s talk about my son’s achievements for this week. Well this week might be a life changing experience for all of us as my son is starting to finally do number 2’s in the toilet. This is very exciting for us, we were sooooo looking forward to this moment and it might finally be here. He’s also started to ask for help when in need, and he asks for more stuff, which he has never done before. I’m so proud of the little guy, and he’s is still learning fast and a lot more. His teachers are really happy for his development status. We might just beat that autism thing.

I like the fact that my son has a lot of people helping him in his development, for instance, we have seen a speech therapist on Thursday. She saw him last in march and she told me that she has noticed that Sam has made a whole lot of improvements since the last time she saw him.  That was music to my ears.  

Ok, I was just entertained by the parts guy. He told me that the tires that I have are an odd size for the accent. He “suggested”  that I buy 4 new tires because 2 of my tires were badly used.  “Serenity Now! Serenity Now! Serenity Now!”. ACK!!!! They did it to me again. I checked those tires this morning, they seemed fine to me. I don’t know why they do this, geez why can’t I ever catch a break with them? WHY?

The bill is going to be atrocious, arrgh! I called my wife to tell her, and that was even worse, she stresses out for money like crazy. Needless to say, she is really pissed off at Rallye Motors right now. I can almost fore see the time when she will tell me to drive the car in a ditch and leave it there.  I would gladly do that right now! Just walk away from the car. Walk away!

But enough about a fantasy that will never take place because I’m stuck in a contract that is literally sucking all of my money, energy and patience that I have. I need to figure out a way to be happier in this situation. Any of you know if there is a buyout option anywhere else? I don’t want to be stuck with that piece of junk for the rest of my life. Because let’s face it, when the lease is over, I will have to buy that piece of crap. I wish that there was a way out of this Rallye motors fiasco.

Why am I getting that kind of service after all those years I’ve been paying for their cars? Why is it that when my lease was over, they got me to get rid of my Elantra 2002, who only had about 40000 km in 2007?

I just don’t understand how a company can decide, ok we are going to piss this customer off, then drop the ball on him for a couple of months just to piss him off more and then finish him off with more payments and cash to be spent for stupid things on the car. Hehe he gave us an almost new car after 5 years usage with only 40000km on it, which we’ve been able to make him pay still with wear and tear, and we’ll give him a smaller car and less service because he’s been so nice to us.

I WAS in a good mood, now it’s getting sour. Friggin’ stupid car dealership. They are all smiley with their Hey attitude. Bunch of “double faced, vampire, don’t care about your patronage unless it’s green and makes me happy” douchebags.


If someone is reading this, please let me know if there is a way out. I would really appreciate that. I am tired of paying for something that I don’t like. It’s kind of like paying to go see a Ben Affleck movie, over and over again. 

Ok let’s change the subject ‘cause if I don’t I will jump at the service desk’s throat when I’m called in.
It’s incredible what you can write when your emotions flare up. I was so much in a bad place, I didn’t even notice that I wrote so much stuff in so little time. It is now 10:51am according to my windows 7 clock here. Yes I am still using my windows laptop and I must say that, even though I like macs a lot better, I still enjoy this one. The wireless mouse makes all the difference, thanks to my friend Morris, who offered me this mouse as a gift on my birthday. 

Speaking of Morris, I showed him the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs the world” last weekend and he was totally blown away by it. I must say that in the past years I’ve never actually watched a movie over and over again like I did for Scott Pilgrim. I can’t even remember the last movie I did that for. Maybe it was Moulin Rouge, yeah I think that’s it, Moulin Rouge was the movie i used to do that for in the past. Scott Pilgrim caught me by surprise. My wife and me don’t go to the movies that often anymore but when we are able to get a babysitter, we go out and that time we decided to go see that Scott Pilgrim movie because a lot of people on facebook were talking about it and there was a lot of hype. So we sat down in the theatre and when the universal 8-bit logo came out at the beginning, I knew I was in for something different.

How different, well the film speaks for itself. I bought the blueray and the soundtrack because I found the music was so good , and the movie was hilarious.

Morris had the same reaction we had, he wasn’t expecting anything from the movie at all, but when the experience was over, he was pleased with it. Which I knew it would’ve pleased him. 

I saw my friend Bebert this weekend. He came down from Edmundston because of l’arbre de l’espoir. He introduced us, (my wife, Sam and me) to his daughter Sarah, which, I must say, is very cute. I hardly remember when Sam was that big. She is so tiny and cuddly, *sigh*, she is a little bundle of joy. My son, Sam, gets over excited around babies, he wanted to play with her, and smile at her, and she smiled back, which pleased him even more. They had the King suite in the Ramada inn in crystal palace, which is a very nice room. It has a living room, a balcony to the inside pool, loads of room made me wish that we would’ve taken THAT room instead of the honeymoon suite at our wedding. Bebert told me that we didn’t see ourselves for 11 months which surprised me a bit. I will make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Ok it is now 11:05 am, I starting to get tired of sitting here. I’ve been writing for the past hour and 20 minutes.
Maybe I should take a break, maybe I should have a coffee, maybe I should get a clue. 

I’m watching the news at the same time and there is a lot of talk about the Korean situation. Experts are saying that war between the 2 at this time is unlikely. Well, I do not know where these experts are from but I can tell them this Kim Jong Hill is unpredictable. I wouldn’t say that war is unlikely because if Kim see’s that it might just set him off to do it.

Where are those experts from, USA? Canada? Russia? Are those the same experts who said that Canadian forces will be out of Afghanistan in 2009? Are they the same who said that the war on Iraq would be a quick one? Are they the same who told McCain to hire Palin as a Vice-president? Are they the same ones that decided that my tires were in bad shape? We will never know.

I just realized that I wrote this whole blog in English. I don’t know why. It just felt like an English moment. Maybe I wanted to give a little break to my English readers. I know a couple of them. They tell me that they can somewhat understand what I wrote in French well there, merry Christmas guys, blog in English. Merry Christmas to you, neighbourg, you know who you are, the one that would request me to stop talking in French entirely and forget my origins because I am part of a minority society.

I can’t help to shake the fact that you are one of THOSE narrow minded people who actually believe that they are doing something good for the province of New Brunswick by trying to obliterate the French language in businesses. ASNB is a cancer to our society, there I said it. I am tired of people trying to be politically correct with a group that’s not politically correct itself. 

My car is in the parking lot, that means they are done. Time to find out the injury to my wallet. Be back soon with the total.

Total: 574.32$


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