mardi 31 août 2010

WoW ... I call it quits!

Not too long ago I liberated myself from a time consuming game that preoccupied almost 4 or even 5 years of my life.

Seeing that I wasn't enjoying the game very much and my periods of playing became very scarce, I decided to cancel the account all together. .... At least until I get a time card.

One of the reason why I quit is because of the gon-ho player. What I mean by that is that this particular genre of player are very close minded and all they worry about is the mission and your gear, dps, healing, etc.. points.

I've played with too many of them. Some came to me and said:"I could gank you with one shot. I got a 358 HR sword with a penetration of 85%, blah blah blah...." my answer to that: "I got a wife and a kid".

Usually I used to play for the fun of meeting people and joking around with them. It started well when I first started. I was in a guild with people that I knew. We were having fun doing dungeons and quests all together but then one day, the guild broke.... (tinker...)

After that, earth shattering event, I wandered in the dark woods of Darksong, cried in the swamp of sorrows, drank my sorrows away in booty bay and friggin lagged in Shattrath (before the lich king extension).

When i saw no future for my hunter in gorefiend, I started wandering in between realms to temp my luck at meeting new interesting fun people to play with. It worked a couple times and soon enough those guilds died down also.

Soon enough, after 4 years of play, the game had lost its flavor, even after changing from alliance to horde, the game had lost me at "password:                  ".

It wasn't the same anymore, I had to perform, I almost became one of those point junkies. Before i became one of them, I decided to cut the cord.

Now I will take my hammer, and my toolbelt and build my own kitchen with my 375 engenering ability, take care of my child with my 450 healing ability and take care of my yard with my 450 flower picking ability.

I will go to work on my steed that has 120% speed acceleration, wear my gear that has 25% protection againsnt nature damage and eat that heals 456 HP for 15secs.

/emote wave, goodbye

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