lundi 23 septembre 2013

Tips for designing websites : Get rid of Internet Explorer

We have all been there! When comes the time to hire a graphic designer to create a website for us. We like the idea of not having to handle a site creation. Populating pages with content and making sure that everything goes at the right place, no links are broken, images are set up right and that the created site looks like a million dollars.

When we meet with the designer and he shows us the design on a hidden web URL, everything is straight and it looks good. Wow, we are proud of where the project is going and we feel like a million bucks.

This is where it gets touchy. The customer goes back home, he/she enters the hidden url to show the site to his or her spouse and when it loads, after 3 minutes, it's all funky and out of place. You re-type the address and still the same result.


Did the designer change it from when I came back from the meeting to home? Did he do this on purpose? Should I be worried? I feel betrayed. Have I been taken advantage of? Did I do something wrong?

In the design world of things, a designer has to take a couple of things in consideration, one of which is browser compliance. When purchasing a windows machine, everyone is provided with the "Internet Explorer Browser". Now you may have noticed that I have placed "Internet Explorer Browser" in between quote marks, the reason is quite simple. I just cannot keep a straight face when someone says that "Internet Explorer" is a "Web Browser".

IE was one of the first web browsers ever created when the internet was available along with Netscape.

That was early 90's and since then, a whole selection of web browsers are now available : Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, just to name a few.

Some may not know it but having a computer from late 90s, early 2000s are still using a old version of IE (Internet Explorer).

Most likely, that old version would be IE6 and/or IE7. Unfortunately, unlike firefox, or chrome, or any other browsers for that matter, IE does not alert you when an update is available. Those updates allow you to have the latest features on your browsers which will allow you to have the best viewing experience while being on the web.

As a matter of fact, in the graphic design industry, IE6 is the most hated browser available out there. Why?, you might say, well IE6 is very old and doesn't understand any programming code besides basic HTML. Programming a website these days with all that is available, i.e. Drupal, Textpattern, Wordpress, etc.. There are a lot of features that IE6 just doesn't understand. In my book, IE6 is to internet, what Miley Cyrus is to the MTV Awards.

It's kind of like trying to teach an old monkee how to do new tricks.

Since it doesn't understand any of the new features, IE is extremely slow and creates a lot of aggravations for end users.

Do yourself a favor, use internet explorer one last time either to upgrade it to the latest version (but why would you do that since it is still very slow) OR HINT HINT HINT DO THIS IT'LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!

Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or even web browser. It is free, no charges and secure. Yes change is scary but it is also exciting.

Come with me in the year 2013, won't you?